Located in historic Wilmington North Carolina, Wilmington Whiskey and Spirits Co. is Southeastern North Carolina's first legal distillery.  Our commitment to quality is visible in each and every spirit we offer.  We know you work hard, so we do the same to make sure you can have a tasty drink that allows you to relax and enjoy your time off.  Downtown, at the beach or on the front porch swing, we can help make those special moments even more enjoyable.   Available soon in all ABC stores, local restaurants and your favorite watering hole.



Our custom made copper pot "super" still is the heart of our operation.  Affectionately know as Marion, she's a hardworking gal who burns the midnight oil to produce the delicious spirits we offer.



We've partnered with local farmers for all of the raw ingredients that go into our spirits.  Sourcing these ingredients within a 100 mile radius enables us to focus more on distillation and less on driving.

Whether its our bourbon that's had a long soak in a charred oak barrel or our Vodka that's been distilled a dozen times, we bottle each and every spirit by hand.  A lot of work we know, but we know it's worth the trouble.